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3000LPH+ Brackish Water Purification Systems
3000LPH+ Brackish Water Purification Systems
Capacity in Gallons: 18,000GPD min.
Port of Loading: Shanghai, Ningbo.
Lead time: 15-60 working days.
Payment term: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal, Cash, etc.

WATERLAND provides special engineering for the brackish water purification systems with capacity of more than 3,000LPH (18,000GPD). Thus make the water purification systems run with lowest power, longest life and lowest maintenance cost, but produce the best water.

Standard Process

Remark: The exact process is engineered according to feed water quality and output water quality requirements.

For best engineering, please provide following information,

1.    Inlet water quality analysis (At least with its TDS or conductivity or contact us for consultation in advance).

2.    Inlet water temperature.

3.    Outlet water quality request or its application.

4.    Capacity.

5.    Running time.

6.    Power supply information.

7.    Factory structure if necessary.


5,000LPH / 30,000GPD

6,000LPH / 36,000GPD

25,000LPH / 150,000GPD

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